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Med Jones is recognized as one of the few experts who predicted the U.S. financial crisis. In his 2006 research paper, U.S. Economic Risks and Strategies, he warned about several socioeconomic risks in the decade of 2007 to 2017. In Jan 2007 he published a white paper challenging the U.S. President’s State of the Union Address, the Federal Reserve Chairman and the popular opinion of mainstream economists. He warned about the U.S. financial crisis of 2008 caused by the burst of the housing bubble and subprime mortgages, followed by socioeconomic challenges driven by rising national debt, consumer debt, the social security deficit, inflation and currency crises. His statements and predictions are followed by many investment advisors around the world.

Mr. Jones also designed one of the best performing investment models incorporating a proprietary business, economic and valuation model called BEV. BEV portfolios outperformed top money management firms and major indices over the past 10 years. In 2015, the world's largest hedge funds had negative returns ranging from -0.5% to -20%, while BEV portfolios returned +17.4%.

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Does Stock Forecasting Work?
"Top economists and investors alike failed to see it (financial crisis) coming...(George Soros...Warren Buffett.. Ben Bernanke.. Alan Greenspan.. Paul Volcker..) But just when you think that such foresight is outside the reach of common man, some prognosticator emerges with a specific contrarian view and then with eerie accuracy hits the nail on the head. Take for instance, the small group of esteemed economists and financial managers that called the housing crisis.....Then there is Med Jones, the president of the International Institute of Management... Although Jones is less known, he turned out to be the most accurate in predicting many of the downturn’s details."
Steve Beck - The Smarter Investor
US News & World Report
Campden Wealth Management
What did he tell the world's wealthiest families in Geneva?

Campden Conferences
(UK + Switzerland)

Book: Bubbles, Booms and Busts
"..A prescient prediction...Yones said: It is true that the US economy grew at 3.5 percent rate in 4th quarter of 2006, but the economic real growth is much less than advertised. Since 2001, economic growth has been largely fueled by rapid increases in asset prices (housing bubble) and expanding consumer debt rather than development projects, which results in non-sustainable and unhealthy (debt-driven) growth...Many Americans refinanced their homes during the real-estate boom to pay for living expenses. With the expected housing bubble bust (declining housing values), Americans could lose a significant part of their savings"

The Rise and Fall of Financial Markets
Donald Rapp, PhD

The Financial Crisis in Historical Respective
Med Jones, the American expert who predicted the financial crisis and for years warned about US uncontrolled public and consumer debt.
Claus Norbjerg Sondergaard
Copenhagen Business School

Applied Network Analytics
Complexity is a sign of intelligence. Simplicity is a sign of wisdom
Prof. Dr. René Algesheimer
Chair of Marketing and Market Research
Zurich University
University of Zurich
Global Economic Forecast
"Noted financial wizard...accurately predicted the US economic crisis of 2008.. It was indeed one of the best analysis I have read about the global economy in my 23 years as journalist"

Srinivasan L, Chief Reporter,
Daily Tribune

Economic Predictions Research Project
"Every decade or so, a few geniuses are discovered. For years they work hard trying to solve incredibly complex problems, they labor in relative obscurity until they achieve great results. At first they are ignored, dismissed or ridiculed by their peers, later they are recognized for their exceptional abilities and achievements. These exceptional experts saw what most of the world failed to see".

Angela Mokovich
Wall Street Economists

Money TV
Med Jones provided Best Economic Predictions"

Mihai Banita

Wall Street Italia

"A financial advisor...a market analyst with great knowledge of socio-economic matters.. he was among those who were able to predict the financial crisis that hit the United States three years ago"

Daniele Chicca Journalist

"Economic Prediction from Horse's Mouth"

Carol Carter, Award-winning Business Journalist, 
Atlanta Business Chronicle

Economic Forecast

If there is a financial guru in the United States, it would have to be Med Yones, president of the International Institute of Management. He is one of the few experts who predicted the nation’s current economic downturn. In fact his economic predictions are generally considered to be the most accurate. What does he foresee in his crystal ball for 2010?  

Patricia C. Ress
Gazette Reporter

Follow the Doomsayer?
Often economists simply get it wrong. One of the financial experts reviewed in the research, who seems to more consistently and accurately forecast economic events, is called Med Jones.(He says) "The truth is that when people invest on Wall Street, they are essentially making bets and guesstimates about the future."
Simon Danaher
BNP Securities

BNP Paribas Securities Services
"Predicted the US economic crisis"

World Finance Magazine

Insight Into a Financial Crisis
Investment adviser predicted the U.S. real estate collapse"

Claire Compton
The Prague Post
(Czech Republic)

FO Magazine

"Very useful insight into how we got into this mess in the first place..(he) waved a lot of red warning flags back in 2007 about the economic glide path we were on as a nation and as a global community. He was in the minority back then – now, however, Jones is mainstream....Information leads to knowledge and knowledge, as we all know, is power. So maybe some of Jones’ projections here be put to good use"
Sean Kilcarr, Senior Editor

Daily Business Magazine
"Investing in innovation industries is the only sustainable way out of the crisis, said Med Jones, one of the few experts who predicted the economic crisis
Jana Gavare

Economic expert promises speedy global recovery'"
Eugenia Vlasova, Journalist
Internovosti Russian News Agency


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