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Selected Think Tank Papers and Projects

Economic Papers

Economic Papers (Private: Request Access)

  • Gross National Development (1998)

  • Civil Conflict and Subjective Wellbeing Policy (1998) 

  • Economics of Peace and War (1999)

  • Socioeconomic Well-being Theory (1998)

Investment Papers (Private: Request Access)

  • BEV Investment Portfolio Model

  • Asymmetric Stock Picking Strategies

  • Optimal Stocks Valuation Model

  • Stock Picking Criteria - Information vs. Noise

  • Predictive Financial Models, Working Paper 

Business Papers  (Private: Request Access)

  • Leadership Performance - A Strategic Competitive Advantage

  • How to Evaluate a CEO?

  • How to Evaluate the Board of Directors

  • Corporate Governance and Sarbanes-Oxley

Other Working Papers (Private: Request Access)

  • Neurocybernetics (1991)

  • Biases and Complex Decision-making Models 

  • Asymmetric Strategies

  • A New Paradigm for Executive Education


Selected Media Interviews

Note: The following interviews are dated before 2012.
After 2011, Mr. Jones stopped giving free public interviews and analysis on financial markets. For investment think tank services, please contact the Institute.


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  • For speaking and consulting engagements, expert opinion, or interview requests, please contact the International Institute of Management
  • Please note that Mr. Jones is available for media interviews related to economic development and well-being, he does not give economic forecasting or investment related interviews. For investment think tank services, please contact the Institute.




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